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The staff at Marietta hearing Center is a superior group of professionals. They were committed to my special needs and still go the extra distance to ensure that my hearing aids function properly. No better hearing center exists anywhere!

Polly Craig
Woodstock, GA

I recently upgraded my hearing aids at the Marietta Hearing Center. I had previously purchased a set about 5 years ago, and they were “middle of the line” at the time, meaning they were probably top of the line about 5 years prior to that. I did this as the cost for the latest model was a bit prohibitive for me at the time.

The old hearing aids served me well for the first few years. However, over time I noticed that I was having more difficulty hearing conversations in a conference room, as well as crowded places like restaurants and church, and sometimes even at home. As a result, I found myself simply tuning out of conversations. I was recently re-tested and found that my hearing had worsened. And the older technology just wasn’t getting the job done.

Since I’m nearing retirement, I decided to go with the latest version of the Pkonak hearing aid. These cost a bit more, but my hearing is worth it. To my surprise, I immediately found them to be far superior in clarity. In fact, they are so good that I sometimes have to lower the volume.

They are much easier to wear and don’t itch my ears like the earlier ones did. They are rechargeable, so I don’t need batteries. And they connect to my cellphone via BlueTooth. This is really nice since I can walk away from my cellphone and still take a call down the hall at work or from another room at home. I also hear a ping when I receive a text message. In addition, I can adjust the volume using an app on the phone. And, making things even better, there is an attachment that allows me to hear my television through the hearing aids. It’s like I’m wearing my own personal headphones, and my wife is no longer begging me to turn down the volume. You have no idea how nice these features are.

I have to be honest, I thought about waiting longer to upgrade and kept convincing myself that I was fine with the old ones. But after pushing past my ego, I realized that I needed a change, and I’m glad I did it now. I’m hearing better than I’ve heard in a long time. And the people at the Marietta Hearing Center are top notch. Thank you all. E.Y., Marietta, Ga

I was getting a serious inferiority complex because of my hearing problems when my doctor referred me to Dr. Laurie Nelson in 2013.  The home like experience of that first visit to the Marietta Hearing Center was truly comforting, plus the warm greetings from Mary at the front desk made me look forward to every visit.  Like many baby boomers, my hearing started degenerating in my mid-sixties.  Through Dr. Nelson’s kind and understanding care, I began wearing Lyric hearing aids which immediately built up my confidence at work and among my friends because I was not embarrassed by constantly asking people to repeat what they had just said.  Then about a year ago, Amber joined the Marietta Hearing Center with the same kind and understanding care that I had received from Laurie. To top off this wonderful crew, Katie joined Mary at the front desk intensifying the warmth of every visit.  I never wanted to admit my hearing loss, but Laurie and Amber have made this loss an acceptable and treatable part of my life.  I am deeply grateful to the Marietta Hearing Center for adding to the quality of my work, my friendships and my life. – Avis Cimaron, Kennesaw, Ga

I’ve suffered from hearing loss since childhood, however in the past few years as the loss increased, my personal and professional life was significantly affected. Having recently relocated to Marietta, I found the Marietta Hearing Center and Dr. Nelson during a search for an Audiologist in the area. What started out as a consultation to explore available remedies turned into a trusted relationship. The office is warm and inviting, the staff is fantastically personable, and the service is superb. Dr. Nelson and her staff ensure your needs are met with options to fit your budget. The Marietta Hearing Center made my life easier and enjoyable…what a difference being able to hear everything makes! Tanya Smith

I have been going to Marietta Hearing Center for several years now. Dr. Laurie Nelson is not only a wonderful audiologist, she genuinely cares about each of her patients, never failing to recall every conversation you’ve ever shared. The support staff is excellent and I always look forward to seeing Mary, my fellow GiGi!  The Phonak hearing device I currently use has improved my quality of life 100% I would and do refer anyone I know to Marietta Hearing and Dr. Laurie Nelson. – Tina Sechrist, Kennesaw

Loss of hearing is frustrating, embarrassing, frightening, and extremely stressful.   This loss can impede communication with others, create difficulty with instructions and warnings, and limit the enjoyment of many aspects of everyday living.  When this happens, we must seek advice and assistance from professionals with specialized training.  I have found Dr. Laurie and her staff at MHC to be true professionals who have handled my hearing loss and its accompanying issues with the greatest of care and consideration, starting with my initial visit in 2010 until the present time.  The office and treatment rooms are clean, light and comfortable; the doctors and staff are friendly, welcoming and helpful; and, most importantly, the overall character of this audiology practice reflects a positive attitude about a health problem that affects the quality of life.  I highly recommend MHC.L.C., Marietta, GA

For the last several years, my wife and kids have strongly urged me to get hearing aids. Just recently, I finally relented, and, I’m so glad I did. Dr. Laurie Nelson at Marietta Hearing Center handled my hearing issues with professionalism and gentleness. She carefully and patiently explained the different options, and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Without reservation, I can highly recommend Dr. Nelson and the Marietta Hearing Center.Bucky Smith, Marietta, GA

I have been a patient of the Marietta Hearing Center for many years (can’t remember when I was not) Dr. Nelson and her staff have taken such good care of me with all my hearing needs and have become dear friends.  Everyone there is so professional and ready to service my needs in every way possible. Every year I get a check up and upgrade my hearing aids as we all see fit.  I cannot tell you how much this improves my life. Linda Flournoy

My experience with the Marietta Hearing Center has been amazing.  I have been going to them fom many years.  They are very thorough and helpful in every way.  I highly recommend them.Barbara W. Hood